S&L Vending offers an assortment of vending options to keep employees engaged and productive in the workplace. Our state of the art vending machines are installed free of charge and include the following features:

  • Credit card payment technology in addition to taking cash and coins

  • Daily remote monitoring so operator knows if product selection is running low

  • Energy-saving mode

  • Capability to add Entrée/Side Dish section to machine for meal option

  • Machines are compliant with the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines for vending machines

  • Inventory is replenished weekly


Best of all, our vending machines are at NO COST and NOT RISK to your company!

Do you want a happy and productive work culture?


One perk employees are enjoying are subsidizing the company vending machine! Contact us for more information!


Our vending service offers the option of a minimum 20% of products that meet the FitPick® nutrition standard. FitPick® is labeling program to help consumers identify products that meet USDA nutrition guidelines.