We put together a variety of snacks based on your company's budget and tailor it to your employees' choices. Snacks are delivered weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. The snack supply can be altered anytime based on your employees' preferences and needs.


Why Work With Us?


Why work with us? Because it's easy and convenient! By allowing Bitebreak to meet your snacking needs, there's no need to send someone out shopping during work hours! We offer healthier and a wider selection of snacks than Costco or Sam's Club. With over 250 choices, there's something for everyone! You will have the opportunity to change the snacks on a monthly basis or continue with your initial order.

Planning on a company event and needs more snacks?

No problem! Let us know what you need and it will be delivered to you! It's fun, efficient and easy!


Delivery direct to your door takes the stress and distraction so the entire organization can focus on helping your company grow and prosper!


Our vending company offers the option of a minimum 20% of products that meet the FitPick® nutrition standard. FitPick® is labeling program to help consumers identify products that meet USDA nutrition guidelines.