A Vending Business… What? Why? Who would buy one?!?!

My husband and I never thought we would own a snack delivery business one day. To be honest, it never occurred to me there was a human being replenishing and servicing vending machines. If there was a need to go to the vending machine, I remember standing in front of it for several minutes trying to make the “healthy” decision.

One Sunday, while reading the local paper my husband was drawn to an ad. He showed me a vending machine business opportunity and said he was interested in learning more. I found it odd considering he’s in the software industry and it looked like a scam. I replied, “No, this looks like a scam.” He insisted we call just to find out more about the business.

As soon as we met the owners and learned about the business, I was interested. Their business concept was to bring healthy snacks to the workplace. I liked their approach and within weeks of shadowing the couple, we knew this business was right for us. We decided to purchase it and since then have never looked back!

Because we love introducing new brands and snacks to employees, we decided to expand our service by offering a snack delivery service as well. This has allowed us to service our customers no matter the budget!

Eat well. Feel well. Work well.